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Association Noosphere has hosted a number of social and scientific events through the support of Max Polyakov (Maxym Polyakov). These events are possible because of the cooperation of Association Noosphere with technology faculties of top Ukrainian universities. There work has elevated the potential of science and technological in Ukraine to the international level and made a significantly contribution to the Noosphere ideals.

AI Rush Conference

AI Rush is a conference for data scientists, analysts, mathematicians, product managers and developers, what was initiated by Max Polyakov. Expert speeches cover AI and Big Data. AI Rush is the perfect platform for specialists to share their knowledge, explore the latest Data Science trends and learn best practices for AI implementation. The event has been attended by more than 300 participants from all over Ukraine. 10 experts, including Leonard Newnham from LoopMe London, and Michal Kosinski from Stanford University, shared their experience in AI, Digital Marketing and Big Data. Every participant benefited from the knowledge of the expert speakers, as well as having the chance to win valuable door prizes.

Copter Race

Copter Race is a competition of aerial navigation and speed - a formula 1 race for drones. Authorized by the FAI in 2017, the event is also a world cup stage in the F3U class. On top of the official aspect, it is also a family event. More than 40 participants from different countries, such as Ukraine, Switzerland, Poland, and Germany showed off their flying abilities at Copter Race 2017. Hosts of the event filled the program with freestyle drone shows, amateur flights and night races. Attendees of this event had the opportunity to visita number of workshops, participate in flying competitions and learn about modern aerial sports. The Copter Race competition was judged by two certified international judges.


BestRoboFest is one of the largest engineering shows in Ukraine, and a festival for innovations and robotics, supported by Maxym Polyakov. It is also a platform showcasing modern engineering achievements that allows people to design and test ideas themselves. At BestRoboFest 2017 more than 10 000 attendants from different Ukrainian cities competed in 5 competitions:

  • Free Style
  • Robo Sumo
  • Robo Race
  • Copter Race
  • Scratch

Everyone had the opportunity to participate in various free activities. A lot of attention was given to the MonsterCarsUA - a do-it-yourself vehicle exhibition. Car creators used all their imagination to impress the BestRoboFest visitors.


MonsterCarsUA is a competition for crazy, custom vehicles that is held as part of the BestRoboFest festival, initiated by Max Polyakov. Any customized vehicles, including bikes, trikes, cars, trucks, choppers, and cruisers are welcome to take part in the competition. MonsterCarsUA fest was held the first time as part of BestRoboFest in 2017. It brought together 17 owners of monster vehicles who presented their extreme creations to the public and judges. The custom motorcycles from famous Ukrainian Teams such as ICM Iron Custom Motorcycles (Kharkov), and C-WAY (Dnepr) were presented among other participants of MonsterCarsUA 2017. One of the official parts of the competition was the presentation of a unique motorcycle, which set the world speed record on Lake Bonneville (USA) in August 2016. Beckman - the best cafe racer at the AMD World & European Championship of Custombike Building - 2016 was also presented at BestRoboFest 2017. The owners of the three best projects received cash prizes of: $5,000 for first place, $3000 for second place, $1,000 for third place.

NASA Space Apps Challenge Dnipro

NASA Space Apps Challenge Dnipro. Starting from 2012, this event has been held annually all over the world. The Space Apps Challenge is an international, 48-hour hackathon that is organized under NASA guidance and is aimed at fostering interest in space exploration. Max Polyakov’s team gatheres:

  • developers
  • engineers
  • designers
  • analysts
  • innovators and enthusiasts

to participate in developing real solutions for NASA in Ukraine. The main idea of the event is to brainstorm creative ideas to solve space and exploration issues and find new global solutions. The city of Dnipro, Ukraine joined the NASA global network, thanks to Association Noosphere and Maxym Polyakov, in 2016. Moreover, the organizers of the global Nasa Space App Challenge 2017 announced that 25000 participants from 69 countries participated in the event, making last year’s hackathon the biggest one in its history.

NooMa Conference

NooMa Conference is AdTech conference and the first marketing events organized by Association Noosphere. It took part in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2017. More than 200 visitors had the chance to learn about the latest trends in Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing, Traffic Tracking, and Conversational Commerce. It dove into the depths of marketing. The event was organized with the support of Max Polyakov. The Nooma Conference had 2 streams: one for young specialists and one for experts. Speakers shared their experience using the latest marketing solutions in their spheres of work. All visitors had the chance to speak with representatives from various companies in order to discuss the latest trends in marketing and check out available vacancies in the Ukrainian job market.

The Noosphere Volley Beach IT Cup

The Noosphere Volley Beach IT Cup is an beach volleyball tournament between Ukrainian IT workers that was initiated by Maxym Polyakov. The main idea of the event is to build a strong and healthy IT community in Ukraine in order to draw the attention of the next generation to sports. Workers from IT companies and IT freelancers were allowed to participate in the tournament. At the Noosphere Volley Beach IT Cup 2017, 27 teams participated from 23 Ukrainian companies, startups and organizations. The tournament was held as a two-day competition. The first day was a round-robin, and the playoffs were held the following day.

The Vernadsky Challenge

The Vernadsky Challenge is an engineering startup competition founded by Max Polyakov and Dmitry Sholomko in 2015. The main goal is to support innovative projects and ideas, so they can make a difference and improve the world. The teams with the most promising ideas receive grant funding and expert advice from Noosphere Ventures. For 3 years, organizers received 574 applications from all over the world, chosen more than 10 winners, and granted 5 million UAH. Each year, participants present their cutting-edge projects in healthcare, medical device, robotics, agricultural machinery, alternative fuels, and other fields. Almost every Vernadsky Challenge winner over the years, such as Hideez, Cardiomo, CloviTek, Raccoon.World continues to successfully pitch their ideas at the international level.

Stay tuned for the latest news and updates. Big things are coming!

About Association Noosphere

Association Noosphere, co-founded by Maxym Polyakov, is a non-governmental, non-commercial organization established for scientific research and information provisioning. The association is supported by many high-tech companies that operate in industries from eCommerce to space technology. One of the highest priorities of the association is to elevate knowledge, science, technology and innovation in Ukraine to the international level by initiating social activities. The top Association Noosphere activities are:

  • organizing different workshops, challenges, startup battles and events in order to create an open platform to share the latest trends and experience
  • mentoring young startups and providing them with the resources they need to be successful in their scientific fields
  • creating conditions to work with different companies and organisations worldwide

Association Noosphere is trying to find new ways for business and science to interact and increase awareness about cutting-edge technologies and innovations.

Association Noosphere puts Vladimir Vernadsky’s philosophy of the “sphere of human thought” at the center of their activities. He believed that each human needed to think and act not only to their advantage, but also should make his/her own contribution to solving world issues and think on a planetary level.

Association Noosphere's mission

Association Noosphere seeks to promote knowledge discovery and sharing. They also push to increase interest in science, innovation and technology among the rising generation. Noosphere and Max Polyakov seek to unite scientists and researchers to elevate science and technology to the international level.

Max Polyakov’s team puts the ideas of the noosphere at the center of their activity. They believe that the combination of science, technology and human knowledge can change the world.

Association Noosphere by Maxym Polyakov has initiated a number of social initiatives to help promote and curate a noospherian consciousness/(mindstyle). These include FAI European and World Championships for Space Models; the largest hardware startup competition in Ukraine, the Vernadsky Challenge; regular science and business conferences; the makerspace-based Noosphere Engineering School; and the family-oriented technology fairs and competitions BestRoboFest and CopterRace. To follow event timelines, visit

Max Polyakov and the Noosphere team are trying to create a technological platform where academia, innovative companies and employees will be closely connected with an idea to contribute to humanities collective knowledge and noosphere.

Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov: Supporter of Noosphere Events

About Max Polyakov

Core interests of Max Polyakov (Maxym Polyakov) are:

  • space technologies and exploration
  • AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Robotics

He believes that the success of any company is connected with the active usage of the latest innovations, talent management and a focus on product development.

Just like Vladimir Vernadsky, Max Polyakov believes in the power of the noosphere. He is sure that the combination of technologies and knowledge will bring about fundamental planetary changes. By creating an information-oriented society where each employee, business, partner and community contributes and fully shares their experience, Max Polyakov sees a revolutionary development of the future economy.

Space technologies

Ambitious entrepreneur

Max Polyakov is an seasoned entrepreneur. He has founded a number of prosperous companies like:

  • HitDymanics Ltd.
  • Maxymiser Ltd.
  • Cupid Plc.

As a good businessman and strategist, Max Polyakov has nurtured and promoted a number of startups from the launch stage to being industry leaders in their niche. In recent years Maxym Polyakov has widened his business profile and founded several new companies, such as: EOS Data Analytics, Renatus, Murka.


Max Polyakov earned his PhD in International Economics in 2013 with his scientific thesis on the impact of the information technology evolution on the state of the economy. He graduated from Dnipropetrovsk National University.

Noosphere boy

True philanthropist

Maxym Polyakov became co-founder of Association Noosphere and initiated a number of social activities with the idea to promote innovation, technology and science on a global level. For his own contribution to the expansion of aerial sports, Max Polyakov was named an FAI Companion of Honour.

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